about us

Pure Mountain Grown Nepalese Tea is more than just a Beverage. Grown Naturally on mineral rich fertile Himalayan soils surrounded by snow covered peaks where pure Mountain Dew and swirling fresh mist creates an ambience of mystery and spirituality that reflects in quality.

Himalayan tea garden

It’s rarest tea experience.

In the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, irrigated by the snow fed rivers, some of the purest and most natural teas are grown. These teas are filled with such sweet aroma and taste that they will take you to a wonderland of their own. And it would only be fair to all the tea lovers of the world to have a chance at tasting and falling in love with these splendors.

With an aim to deliver the highest quality teas from the foothills of Nepal to all around the world, we have started an online tea shop so that no one misses out on a heavenly experience of savoring the freshest and smoothest teas to have ever touched their lips.


 Fresh From garden to Cup.

At Muni Tea, we understand tea. We understand that tea is not just a beverage but a passion. And the pleasures of passion should be adored and cherished; thus we do not compromise on anything.

We believe in delivering only the best quality teas because customer satisfaction is the best reward for us and, we know that our customers deserve the best quality teas and nothing less. So, we handpick the finest quality tea leaves in order to bring you delicious, velvety and flavorful tastes.

– We produce the best to give you the best –

Our dedication is reflected in the aromatic scent of the teas which when hits your nose emanate the devotion underwent in carefully selecting and crafting the teas without losing the characters inherent to the plant. We grow teas in a geographical location we understand well. We have grown up in this area and hence we have the comprehension of what happens and undergoes in the elevation where we grow the teas.

We work closely with the most able tea growers to provide you with healthy and tasty teas. Whether it be the packaging or the delivery of the teas, we can assure utmost sincerity in our work, and this shows in our product as well. 

– Where there is tea, there is hope –

In our quest to strive for excellence, we are directly engaged in women empowerment. All the teas which are manufactured and sold through our company are made by women. From plucking the tea leaves to handling the finances, women play an integral part in our organization- and this is another great and distinct forte of ours.

Give Life More Flavors

Along with teas, Muni Tea aims to sell smiles and happiness. Our customers are our most valuable assets. At Muni Tea, we consistently aspire to better ourselves. We thrive to satisfy you more and bring new flavors to enrich your beverage and your life. And this is what makes us so different; our constant perseverance on blossoming more for the benefit of our customers and not settling for anything less is what makes us so unique. With each changes and progress we bring in our product, we hope to increase the smiles we are spreading across tea lovers and our growers.